My Biography
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Name: Magnus
Other aliases: The Creator, Eric Magnus Lehnsherr
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 190 lbs.
Eyes: Blue-gray
Hair: White
Other distinguishing features: I have been literally rejuvenated by Alpha the Ultimate Mutant, so that despite my much greater chronological age, I appear to still be a relatively young man.
Marital status: Widower
Known relatives: Magda (wife, deceased), Anya (daughter, deceased), Wanda Maximoff (the Scarlet Witch, daughter), Pietro Maximoff (Quicksilver, son), Crystal (daughter-in-law), Luna (granddaughter)
Known superhuman powers: I have the mutant ability to control magnetism and other related electromagnetic forces, allowing me to create electricity, heat, radiation, and light. I can become invisible, I can fly, create Electromagnetic Pulses, force waves, shields, and wind-based weather effects. I also possesses minor psychic abilities, such as the ability to create a psychic shield against psionic attack.
Costume specifications: Made of flexible metal bonded on the molecular level, provides protection against projectiles, energy weapons, and concussive force; helmet also provides protection from psionic attack

History: Born in September 1927, to a middle-class family that resided in Eastern Europe, my family and I were deported from our home, after the start of World War II. We were led to a mass grave, along with many other "unfit" people. My parents and older sister and I were shot by Nazis using machine guns. We fell into the mass grave, but unknown to me at the time, my nascent mutant powers first manifested at this horrific moment, and deflected the Nazi bullets, saving myself but not the rest of my family.

I clawed my way to the surface of the mass grave, and was caught nearly immediately by the startled SS who were in the process of burying the dead. Not knowing exactly what to do with me, and thinking I was older than I actually was, they sent me to Auschwitz.
In this Death Camp, I was transferred to the Sonderkommando, where I became one of the "crematoria ravens" who helped the Nazis lead the victims to the gas chambers, collect their belongings, pull the bodies out of the gas chambers, and burn them. God forgive me. I assisted those monsters so that I might have a chance at life.

Like all Auschwitz inmates, I suffered from the most humiliating and dire circumstances on a daily basis. I endured constant physical and psychological abuse, malnutrition, and the effects of diseases. As a member of the Sonderkommando, I made that daily "pact with the devil" -- to stay alive while I helped KILL my OWN people.

Desperately trying to keep my humanity, I helped other inmates by smuggling food to them, and trying to give them hope. It was during this time that I met Magda. I fell in love with this beautiful young lady, and brought her food, and helped her survive. It was all I could do, at the time, to keep her safe while her family was sent to the gas chambers. As the Russian army closed in on Auschwitz, I killed an SS soldier who was about to kill Magda, and we escaped into the snowy woods to the northeast of the camp.

We wandered for, what seemed like, an eternity, and I took care of Magda, finding her food and clothing. We eventually settled in a Carpathian Mountain village, where after several years, during which time we recuperated from our ordeal, we were united in marriage. I promised her that I would always look after her, and protect her.

My daughter was born a few years after Magda and I were wed. The angel was named Anya. I adored Anya...she was the light of my life. I called her my "talisman" -- the promise that things were going to be better, and that the world was a better place.

I was restless, however. From an educated family, I found life in the Carpathian village to be restricting and frustrating. I insisted that we move to a bigger city, one where I could find work while I would attend a university in order to better myself, and our station in life. Magda did not want to move.

We arrived in the Soviet city of Vinnitsa when Anya was 4 years old. On the very first day there, after my very first day of work, the foreman on the job tried to cheat me out of my pay. I used my powers for the second time, but this time I realized it. I sent a crowbar flying at the foreman's head, barely missing him. When I arrived back at the inn where Magda and Anya were staying, I saw that it was on fire, and Magda was frantic -- she had left our child, our world, alone upstairs so that she could find something to cook for dinner.

We ran into the burning inn, and as the building's ceiling started to collapse, I formed a magnetic force-bubble to protect us. We were both amazed, and I was suddenly jubilant. I felt as if I could save Anya with these new powers. But, when my wife and I ran outside, the foreman pointed me out, and the police, along with several members of the crowd, grabbed me, beating me up while I begged them to let me go so I could save my daughter. While my precious daughter screamed for help, and called "Poppa!" I could not help her.

Finally, my little Anya fell burning from the building, landing before my feet. The crowd, stunned at this, backed away and let me go. In a fit of rage and grief, I unleashed my powers for the third time that day, and sent electromagnetic radiation -- like horizontal lightning -- shooting out in all directions, killing the police and members of the crowd who were nearby. Magda, confused and revolted by my actions, began calling me a "monster." She ran away from me, as I pleaded and called her to help me bury our daughter, to come back to me. I was too weak and injured to run after her. Shortly thereafter, I took the body of Anya and escaped into the woods, where I buried my baby.

I then began a years-long search for Magda. I went to a forger named Georg Odekirk, who gave me a false identity. This was Erik Magnus Lehnsherr; I took that identity in order to hide from the Soviet police and KGB, and, to more effectively search for Magda, in the camps and settlements of her people.

Unknown to me, when Magda ran away she was pregnant with twins. She later ended up at Wundagore Mountain, in the country of Transia, at the citadel of a villain-scientist named the High Evolutionary (Herbert Edgar Wyndham). With a cow-woman (Bova) as midwife, Magda gave birth to Pietro and Wanda, and then ran out into the snowy night, disappearing...forever. Bova took the twin infants to her master, the High Evolutionary, who gave the newborns to a Gypsy couple (the Maximoffs) whose own babies had died.

I, meanwhile, searched Europe for Magda, couldn't find her, and finally gave up and immigrated to Israel. I worked in a hospital in Haifa. It was primarily a psychiatric hospital, that treated primarily Holocaust survivors. I tried to alleviate the distress of my fellow survivors who were patients in that hospital.

During this time, I first met Charles Francis Xavier. Charles was also a man of immense power, and a mutant. Unlike myself, he had years to become accustomed to his incredible telepathic abilities, and to form theories and a philosophy about the existence of "mutants" among the general population. Charles was from a privileged American family, from upstate New York. Even at the time when we first met, he was already thinking of ways to ensure the peaceful co-existence of mutants and non-mutants.

Charles had come to Israel at the request of Dr. Shomron, an Israeli psychiatrist, who needed his friend's help in the treatment of a Holocaust survivor named Gabrielle Haller, who remained in a state of rigid catatonia. Charles used his psionic powers to help Gabrielle recover, and the three of us became close friends.

But not long after, Baron Strucker, a Nazi war criminal who had escaped justice, and who had taken over a neo-Nazi organization named HYDRA, attacked and kidnapped Gabrielle Haller. (It was later discovered that he was the Nazi SS officer who had sexually abused her when she was a child in a concentration camp, and he had implanted in her mind the location of a massive supply of Nazi stolen gold.)

Charles and I came to Gabrielle's rescue, and in the course of the fight I used my powers for the first time in front of Charles. I became violent and agitated and after killing the Nazis against Charles' wishes, I used my magnetic abilities to raise the huge hoard of Nazi gold and carry it off, declaring that the gold would be used in the struggle of mutants to secure a safe place in the world. The gold -- Nazi gold stolen from mostly Jewish victims, some of which I myself had helped pull off of dead bodies when I was in the Sonderkommando -- had passed from being the gold of my Jewish People, to being the gold of my Mutant People.

I next began working for the CIA and for Mossad. I took the codename Magneto at this time. I ostensibly was hunting Nazis for the CIA, but as a double-agent, working for the Israeli government, I actually was finding the escaped Nazi war criminals and turning them over to Israel for trial. During this time, I met a beautiful doctor named Isabelle, who understood that I was a mutant, and tried to help me. One night, while Isabelle was comforting me, trying to relax me by giving me a back-massage, in our hotel room in Brazil, Magneto's Control, my boss at the CIA, showed up with some thugs, who grabbed Isabelle by the hair and slit her throat. They threw her body down next to me. All of this occurred so quickly that I did not know what was happening. Then, Control admonished me for capturing "their" Nazis (as in, Nazis the US government wanted) and turning them over to Israel. In other words, my status as a double agent had been discovered. Control ordered his men to kill me. Furious, I declared myself MAGNETO, a superior being, a mutant, Homo-sapiens-superior, and rose into the air, declaring war on the human race while killing the agents below me.

I created a costume for myself, and a helmet, and formed an organization which I called, with ironic intent, The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. (Meaning, So you think all mutants are "evil"? So be it, here we are, the "evil" mutants.) The members of this group included Toad, Mastermind, and the twins Wanda and Pietro, codenamed the Scarlet Witch -- who had probability-altering powers, and Quicksilver -- who had super-speed. I had no idea these were my children with Magda at the time, and I, unfortunately, treated them quite brutally.

My first open attack in my "war" against humanity was directed against Cape Citadel, a military missile base in Florida. The X-Men, Charles' group of teen mutants, defeated me. Thus began the long enmity between myself and the X- Men and various X-Men allies. My initial goals were of world domination and transforming it into a place where mutants wouldn't be persecuted, and where I would be the sole dictator.

I was captured by the alien being known as The Stranger, along with Toad (Mortimer Toynbee). I escaped, returned to earth, attempted to defeat the X-Men once again, but this time, Charles called The Stranger back! He recaptured me, and threw me back on a cold, barren planetoid prison, where Toad had remained. Being imprisoned once again, like in Auschwitz, I was driven mad and was obsessed with thoughts of conquering the universe. I escaped The Stranger a second time, on this occasion with Toad, returned to earth, and attacked Wanda and Pietro, who had joined the hero group, the Avengers, and were ecstatic to have nothing whatsoever to do with me.

At this time I built my technologically advanced island base within the Bermuda Triangle. I became completely distracted by the need to gain control of Wanda and Pietro, and then, the X-Men. When I found out that Charles Xavier was supposedly dead, I decided it was a good time to attack the X-Men. Through the combined efforts of the X-Men and the Avengers, I was defeated. I pretended to fall to my death on ocean rocks, to cover my escape.

In the Savage Land, a place that exists in a timeless Cretaceous state and located underneath Antarctica, I constructed a citadel. I kidnapped local swamp-dwellers, primitive people, and abusing my own body, using my life force and magnetic powers, I mutated and genetically altered them, turning them into my slaves. All the while I was known as The Creator.

In an attempt to stop my actions, the X-Men attacked me and destroyed my citadel. The structure collapsed on top of me and, thinking I was dead, the X-Men left. Injured but not dead, I struggled to the shore and collapsed.

I was found, later, and revived by Prince Namor, the Submariner, ruler of the undersea kingdom of Atlantis. I attempted to trick Prince Namor and the people of Atlantis into helping me invade the earth. I apprehended Sue Richards, the Invisible Woman, from the Fantastic Four. Sue's husband, Reed Richards, also of the Fantastic Four, stopped me, and was able to take me prisoner. Richards used a device that turned my own powers against me; similar to a Chinese-finger-puzzle, the more I used my powers, the more I was restrained -- ensuring that only I captured myself. The Fantastic Four placed me inside a small, completely non-magnetic prison cell, and inhibited my powers with an anti-magnetic force field.

I managed to escaped by going into a completely quiet, meditative state. I then attempted to build a machine that would mutate all of the non-mutants on earth. I tried to carry out my plans, I must now admit, in illogical ways; I captured Black Bolt, the king of the Inhumans. The Inhumans are a group of altered humans who live segregated from the rest of humanity. Pietro, (Quicksilver) is married to the Inhuman princess, Crystal. I nearly succeeded in destroying every non-mutant human in the world, using nuclear energy to power my "universe machine." However, when it was clear I was being defeated, I detonated the nuclear energy canister that I was using as a power source, and attempted to vaporize myself.

Of course, I survived. I battled the Avengers again, and kidnapped Wanda, making her dance while under my mental control. I didn't know that she was my daughter, but it still was a terrible moment. My body ravaged by the explosions and injuries I had sustained, I used a special costume that once belonged to the X-Man, Angel (Warren Worthington III), to siphon off the life-energy of Angel and this helped keep me going. I obtained the costume by attacking Charles and the X-Men at their mansion, beating my crippled friend and the young X-Men, and demolishing the contents of the mansion. I sent video pictures of the whole scene of destruction to Avenger's Mansion where the Avengers watched helplessly, and were thus lured to the mansion to render assistance. That is how and where I captured them. The Avengers overthrew me once again, captured me, and attempted to imprison me in an energy-globe, deep underground.

This prison globe was small, and I was completely isolated. I was able to escape when the approach of a comet caused just enough of a shift in the energy globe's integrity, so that I was able to use my genetic gift to free myself.

I then proceeded to attack the United Nations building, lifting it magnetically in the air, while I used a being I had created myself, grown from a test-tube, Mutant Alpha, to try and conquer the world. However, Mutant Alpha was evolving at an accelerated rate, and became a "star-man" almost overnight. While Charles Xavier and Dr. Strange, and other heroes looked on, my own creation judged me, and the others in my reformed Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. Mutant Alpha decided to give us a second chance, and reduced all of us to the age of a six-month old baby.

Charles Xavier took me, in this infant state, to Muir Island, and entrusted me to the care of Dr. Moira MacTaggert. I was put into a cell, but as far as I remember, Moira tried to treat me with gentleness and affection. The other de-aged members of my Brotherhood were also placed into cells, in Moira's research center on Muir Island. Charles had vague plans to raise me to adulthood again, confident that this "second childhood" devoid of the horrors of the Holocaust, would result in a "New Magnus" who would use his powers for the good of all humanity. However, whatever Charles thought he was going to do, to change me, he never got the chance. An agent of the alien Shi'ar empire, Davan Shakari, re-aged me, restored me to my prime, my health, and restored all of my memories at once. In a fit of paranoid hostility, I attacked the X-Men on Shakari's advice, and planned revenge for being a helpless infant in Charles' care.

I later constructed a massive, sophisticated Antarctic base under a volcano on the mountainous rim of the continent. I then proceeded to track down the X-Men (the newest team), and discovered they had been captured by Mesmero. I rescued them, but promptly seized them for myself.

I imprisoned them in my Antarctic citadel. This time I strapped Cyclops (Scott Summers), Phoenix (Jean Grey), Storm (Ororo Monroe), Nightcrawler (Kurt Wagner), Wolverine (Logan), Colossus (Piotr Rasputin), and Banshee (Sean Cassidy) into chairs that suppressed their powers, and reduced them to the level of six-month-old babies! I created a robot, named Nanny, whom I dressed in a cliched maid's costume, and programmed with a horrid, sickeningly sweet voice and over-attentive manner, to "care" for the X-Men in their helpless state. Due to Storm, whose coordination was extraordinary, even when she was a baby, the X-Men were able to escape, and my Antarctic complex was destroyed in the process.

Seriously injured in the fight with the X-Men, I migrated to Asteroid M, that I had positioned in stationary orbit over Anya's grave, in the Soviet Union. My behavior cycled from violent to depressive and brooding. I was too injured to use my powers for a time. In this quiescent state, I was allowed to analyze my beliefs and actions.

I reappeared on the world stage, after raising my Bermuda Triangle island base from the bottom of the sea, and altering the earth's magnetic field in order to limit Charles Xavier's psychic powers. I now ordered all of earth to give up their nuclear weapons, and let me rule the world in order to bring peace to all. Once again Charles and his X-Men battled against me, in order to stop me. At the height of the battle on my Caribbean island base, I very nearly killed Kitty Pryde, who was around 14 years old, a Jewish girl, codename Shadowcat. I had a breakdown of sorts, refusing to fight anymore, suddenly aware of what I was doing. I left.

I went into isolation on Asteroid M, depressive once again. I was not paying much attention to anything but my own inner conflicts. It was during this time that an alien being, from an techno-organic civilization with rigid rules and regulations, a being who was a "mutant" and did not want to comply with those guidelines and was fleeing to earth, collided with Asteroid M, breaking it to pieces. I was sent falling towards Earth, where I became seriously injured and near death, floating in the Atlantic Ocean.

I was rescued by Lee Forrester, captain of the fishing trawler Arcadia. I cared deeply for Lee. With extensive injuries that required hospitalization, I returned with Lee to my Caribbean island base to recuperate. I found it very difficult to use my magnetic powers. The extent of my physical injuries were so great that I experienced an enormous amount of pain everytime I attempted to use my powers in any significant way.

Soon thereafter, I gave myself up for trial, when I was captured by agents of the US government while attending a Holocaust memorial event in Washington, DC. I was brought before the World Court, and Gabrielle Haller was my defense lawyer, but the trial was disrupted by an attack from the children of Baron Strucker. The Strucker twins (Andreas and Andrea, the Fenris) were defeated, but Charles Xavier became gravely ill, and he decided to leave the earth, and join with his consort, the Majestrix of the Shi'ar Empire, Lilandra. He managed to convince me to take over for him, as headmaster of the X-Men's youngest recruits, the New Mutants.

I tried. I desperately tried my best to follow Charles' path. I tried to control myself, to think rationally. I had the support of Lee, for a time, and of the X-men Storm, who believed in me and helped to give me confidence. But eventually, after being baited by the Hellfire Club, after joining the Hellfire Club on Storm's advice, after Storm and the other X-Men appeared to die, and left me without any emotional support, I started becoming more and more agitated, delusional, returning to the old patterns of my thinking and behaving.

With the death of my pupil, Doug Ramsey, and the imminent passage of the Mutant Registration Act, my fears and sense of anxiety and panic were accelerated. I abandoned the New Mutants for a higher purpose, I was going to give the world someone to hate. That I was going to play the part of villain, so the world would be after me, and leave other mutants alone.

In the Savage Land, I found myself opposing the villainess, Zaladane, whose goal was to rule the Savage Land, and then the world. I became allied with Rogue (the X-Man), Ka-Zar (leader of the Savage Land), Nick Fury (S.H.I.E.L.D.), and some Russians, in my war with Zaladane. In the course of the conflict, I was captured by Zaladane, and nearly killed as she siphoned off my powers into herself. But Rogue and Ka-Zar saved me. I regained my powers, and destroyed Zaladane, execution-style, while Rogue (my latest love) pleaded with me not to. I left Rogue and the others, admitting the truth to them and myself: "I am not Charles Xavier. I will never be Charles Xavier. I was a fool to try. As he was, for believing I could succeed." I did make a promise as I flew off, that I would be fighting "evil" mutants, and try to help all mutants. However, my actions that day portended disasters to come, for "the chains we forge for ourselves .. tempered by hardship and grief, honed by duty -- are often all too tragically unbreakable."

I next became involved in the Acts of Vengeance, and briefly became reunited with a possessed Scarlet Witch, my daughter, and Quicksilver, my son. My goals were twofold -- to find out what the villains of the Acts of Vengeance alliance were up to regarding mutants, and to find out what had happened to Wanda, who had cut her hair and turned ruthless and cruel. But my amorphous plans to "recruit" Wanda to my cause were abandoned, when I discovered she was being controlled by something not of this dimension.

It was during my brief association with the Acts of Vengeance villains that I rebuilt a more magnificent version of Asteroid M. After I escaped a fight with Iron Man, I returned to my asteroid home. Alone, once again, isolated on a small rock in space. My hair grew long and wild, I was unshaven, my appearance and mood were dark and brooding.

Without warning, a man named Fabian Cortez showed up on Asteroid M's doorstep, with a group of escaped prisoners (henceforth known as my Acolytes), all mutants, who claimed that I was their "Lord." I attempted to send them away. But Cortez manipulated me, secretly amplifying my powers, forcing me to become dependent on him, while pushing all the right emotional buttons. Cortez's goal was, unbeknownst to me, my assassination. He engineered events so the I would become a villain again in the world's eyes, I became an enemy of the X-Men again, and I became manic again, engaging in violent and threatening actions.

I discovered, in the midst of this renewed conflict with the X-Men, that while I was de-aged, Moira MacTaggert had tried to change my genetic structure, to make me better able to deal with my immense powers. Moira's theory was completely rooted in the biomedical model: I had gone insane, but this was due to the overuse of my powers and caused a chemical imbalance within my brain.

I became totally obsessed with what Moira had done. I once cared for Moira, and had pleasant memories of her treatment of me, in my "second infancy." I immediately kidnapped Moira and Xavier, blaming Charles as well. I had forgotten entirely about Cortez, about my Acolytes, and about my goals. Instead I forced Moira to "alter" the X-Men the same way I had been genetically altered, which I believed at the time, was an attempt by Charles and Moira to mentally control me. Which I later discovered, was not what Moira had tried to do. But I insisted, raved, yelled, and clasped a metal body suit on Moira, to torture her into doing what I wanted.

Moira did something superficial to make the X-Men appear to be under my mental control, but she fixed it to work only until they used their mutant powers. Once they did, and exerted their strong individual wills, the effects of Moira's changes on the X-Men were negated. Meanwhile, Cortez was slowly killing me. Cortez's mutant ability is to amplify or augment another mutant's powers, to dangerous levels. And, after I was severely injured by Wolverine, while I attempted to resurface the Lenningrad, Cortez pretended to heal me while instead amplifying my own powers to mask the effects of the wound.

I finally began to discorporate, the molecular bonds of my body began to pull apart. Cortez's intent was discovered. The former Soviet Union fired a pulse cannon towards my space station, in order to kill me and all aboard. Cortez escaped and tried to set off the nuclear missiles, which I had placed around my base for protection. Asteroid M was falling to the earth, and I once again elected to die, this time with my Acolytes, those desperate young children of the atom, whom Cortez had tricked and used.

Asteroid M became scattered over the Middle East, but I was saved by the sacrifice of one of my Acolytes. All the other Acolytes of my first band, died. Badly injured, I reached Antarctica, and my citadel there, to recover. I once again went through a spell of isolation, letting my appearance go unkempt, not knowing which direction to turn. At this time, I saved Charles Xavier's life when he was injured during a blizzard, near my citadel.

A mutant named Exodus now joined me. Exodus, a telepath and teleporter, who suffers from psychotic episodes, became, in essence, a catalyst for the return my aggressive behavior. I was attempting to create a mutant homeland in space -- a homeland named "Avalon." I used the newly acquired Greymalkin (a space station that once belonged to Cable) as the chassis for my haven.

I returned to Earth during the funeral of Illyana Rasputin, a young pupil of mine who had recently died of the Legacy Virus. I offered the assembled mutants at the funeral membership in my Acolytes, and the offer was accepted by Colossus, Illyana's brother, who had lost his belief in Charles' dream.

World leaders on Earth initiated the "Magneto Protocols," a global electromagnetic shield that would render my powers useless if I re-entered the Earth's atmosphere. Furious at their actions, I retaliated with a world-wide electromagnetic pulse to disable all electronic devices on the planet. Ultimately, thousands died. The X-Men, led by Xavier, then assaulted Avalon. Charles and Phoenix flooded my mind with my own terrifying memories. Wolverine attacked me and severely injured me. Enraged, I showed him the error in his boldness by ripping the adamantium, that surrounded his skeleton, out of his body. Xavier then, himself, retaliated and shut down my mind, leaving me in a vegetative state.

I was cared for, on Avalon, by my newest group of Acolytes. They also retrieved a cocoon from space, which happened to house the dimensionally displaced mutant known as Holocaust. On Avalon, Holocaust reawakened and the ensuing fight between he and Exodus destroyed Avalon, plunging my Acolytes, along with the X-Men Cyclops and Phoenix, who had come to help save the Acolytes, to Earth. Colossus saved me and we landed in Antarctica.

After the fall of Avalon, the world thought that I had reappeared as an amnesiac man, calling himself "Joseph." In reality, Astra (a former member of the Brotherhood) found me and healed my mind, so that she could use my DNA to create a clone, Joseph. She intended for the clone to kill me, but I prove much harder to eliminate, and was only injured, while I struck the clone upon his head, causing the amnesia.

Dressed as Erik the Red, I put Gambit on trial for assembling the Marauders and precipitating the Mutant Massacre. I then set out to kill Georg Odekirk, the forger who had created the "Erik Lehnsherr" identity for me years before.

After a few more weeks of preparation, I launched my offensive: another electromagnetic pulse that began to spread across the globe. Astra returned and had Joseph attack me while I was controlling the Earth's magnetosphere, which severely disrupted Earth's magnetic field. It was all I could do to keep from becoming pure electromagnetic energy. The untimely intervention of the X-Men distracted me, however, leaving the poor imitation to fix the magnetosphere. I was briefly subdued by the X-Men and Joseph was killed.

Before the battle could resume, a U.N. ship landed in the Arctic Circle, and I was offered sovereignty over the island nation of Genosha in return for some security considerations and a promise never to initiate hostilities against the nations of the world. I accepted, but after everyone else left, I discovered that my powers were gone, due to fatigue. I recuperated my strength and set about consolidating my political power and regenerating my physical power.

The U.N. had hoped that the civil war would keep me to busy to ever threaten Earth again. As the ruler of Genosha, I have, contrary to all expectations, actually succeeded in restoring most of the island to its former glory, the ideal place to live: a high standard of living, an excellent economy led by advanced technology companies and ample food and space for all. There are still racial prejudices, but now they are directed from mutants towards humans. There are also internment camps for those suffering from the Legacy Virus.

Recently opposed by a mutate, the son of the late Genegineer, as well as by Quicksilver and Rogue, I defeated the mutate zealot's forces. Rogue left, but Voght and I manipulated Pietro into staying as a minister in the cabinet, in the hopes that he will learn to be a loyal son.