My Acolytes
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My Acolytes


They are the few mutants who have openly agreed with and are loyal, even to the death, to my cause.

While I was living on Asteroid M, my space station orbiting Earth, a group of the genetically blessed stole a space shuttle in hopes of finding me. Led by Fabian Cortez, they requested sanctuary from the American soldiers that were in pursuit of them. I granted this request to them. They, in turn, convinced me to once again take a stand against the world's mistreatment of mutants, especially in the country of Genosha, where mutants are enslaved by humans.

My Acolytes first encountered the X-Men when they attempted to deliver retribution to the island nation of Genosha, which had recently granted freedom to its mutant slaves. With my help, they defeated the X-Men and we took them to Asteriod M. My attempt to turn the captured X-Men was thwarted by the remaining X-Men, who had stormed Asteroid M in order to rescue their comrades.

In the battle, I was injured by Wolverine. Cortez lent his services by "healing" me. The fact of the matter was that he was using his power-enhancing ability to mask the effects caused by Wolverine, leading me to believe that I was healed. In reality, this was causing further harm to me. The former Soviet Union later sent a pulse cannon to destroy Asteroid M and everyone aboard. Cortez escaped the destruction, and set off the nuclear missiles that I had placed around Asteroid M. I remained on Asteroid M with my Acolytes Chrome, Annemarie, and Delgado. Asteroid M crashed in the Middle East upon reentry to Earth. During the reentry, Chrome used his power to change elements to protect me from dying, but the Acolytes perished in the process.

Now that I, believed to be dead, was elevated to the status of martyr (by Cortez' own hand), Cortez, touting himself as my chosen successor, was able to recruit more mutants to the Acolytes' cause. Their next move came about as the Acolytes Unuscione, Cargill, and the Klienstock triplets attacked the Our Mother of the Sacred Heart School in upstate New York. The purpose of the attack was to capture a young boy who would become a mutant upon adolescence. The attack was stopped by the X-Men, and the boy was rescued after he was discarded by the Acolytes when he was discovered to have Down's Syndrome. During this time, I, bitter after Cortez' betrayal, found and recruited the mutant known as Exodus. We returned to space and created Avalon, a second space station created from Shi'ar technology that was stolen during the time that I was in charge of Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters.

The Acolytes then attacked a hospital in Wantaugh, Virginia, killing humans that were already dying. The government mutant team X-Factor was called in to investigate and while doing so captured the Acolyte Spoor. Spoor only revealed the Acolytes' plans in the presence of Quicksilver, my son. Spoor revealed that the Acolytes' next target was the military base in Camp Hayden, Kentucky. X-Factor journeyed to Camp Hayden and drove off the Acolytes, only to discover that Camp Hayden was actually a front for a plant producing the robotic Sentinels.

After the attack on Camp Hayden, I returned with Exodus, revealed Cortez' betrayal, and wrested control of the Acolytes from him. To recruit other mutants, I sent Exodus to retrieve the remaining New Mutants (Cannonball, Sunspot, Boomer, and Rictor), along with the brainwashed former Mutant Liberation Front members, Rusty and Skids. I reversed the brainwashing technique used on Rusty and Skids, who joined my Acolytes. The others refused, and escaped Avalon with the remaining members of X-Force, who had followed them to the space station.

I returned to Earth during the funeral of Illyana Rasputin, a young pupil of mine who had recently died of the Legacy Virus. I offered the assembled mutants at the funeral membership in the Acolytes, and the offer was accepted by Colossus, Illyana's brother, who had lost his belief in Xavier's dream. Colossus returned to Avalon and the X-Men soon assaulted the base. The attack ended when Xavier wiped my mind clean, after I pulled the adamantium that surrounded Wolverine's skeleton out of his body, reducing me to a vegetative state. Exodus assumed leadership of the Acolytes, and remained on Avalon.

Cortez resurfaced in an attempt to take control of Genosha, taking my granddaughter Luna as a hostage. Luna was rescued by a combined effort of the X-Men, which included her father Quicksilver, and the Avengers, which included her mother, the Inhuman known as Crystal. Exodus killed Cortez during the rescue in the sewers beneath Hammer Bay, the capital city of Genosha.

My Acolytes remained on Avalon until they had retrieved a cocoon from space, which happened to house the dimensionally displaced mutant known as Holocaust. On Avalon, Holocaust reawakened, killed the Acolytes Rusty and Milan, and the ensuing fight between him and Exodus destroyed Avalon, plunging my Acolytes, along with the X-Men Cyclops and Phoenix, to Earth. Phoenix had landed safely, but Cyclops, along with the Acolytes Unuscione, Cargill, Scanner, and the remaining Klienstock twins, landed in the Australian Outback, where Cyclops led them to the former X-Men base in Australia, and the Acolytes were arrested.

The Acolytes then based themselves in the Arctic Circle, where they planned to wreak untold havoc on Earth, until they were dissuaded form that purpose by Joseph, who was posing as me. The Acolytes then attacked Mount Wundagore, home of the High Evolutionary, with a group of other mutants to secure Isotope E, which might be a cure for the Legacy Virus.

Since then, they have been scattered across the globe. For the moment, I am trying to move from the "international terrorist" to a national leader. As the President of Genosha, I have no need for my Acolytes. Their service might come about in the future, when and if I decide it.